Thursday, June 21, 2012

Yes, I can!

You are probably waiting for another update. Where to begin? Maybe where I left off last night? 

Almost as soon as I published the last post, the nurses came in to take Sophia for a walk down the hall. She made it as far as the door to her room when all blood drained out of her face and she got so dizzy that they had to abandon the mission. 

Back in bed, she was given oral pain medication which made her heave up her dinner. "That didnae work" as Mac remarked in Chicken Run.

So, we were back to a nauseous child with nothing in her stomach who was still running a fever. And who didn't want to get up anymore.

All throughout the night they were trying to figure out how to help her. She was pumped full of medication in the hope to get her over the hump.

After the morning X-rays, her catheter was pulled, her neck line removed and she was disconnected from her drip. Everybody was excited - except our little bird who was sitting there with hanging wings.

During the morning rounds we were told that her lung had partially collapsed behind her heart. This can be caused by anesthesia, prolonged bed rest with few changes in position and shallow breathing which she had in this very order. There was also some fluid accumulated in the lower part of the left lung which could lead to pneumonia. 

And the attending MD started talking about the possibility of a blood transfusion when Dr. del Nido had decided against it a day earlier. That's about the moment when "yours truly" lost it.

Obviously I haven't been meditating too much lately...

Yes, I can.
When I was done talking to Sophia, we had a deal. We are allowed to hold off on the transfusion for one more day and let her show the team that she can turn the tide on her own.

About five minutes ago we passed the attending MD again on his way home and he was very happy to see our birdie flap her wings around the hallways of the ICU.

After a bumpy morning (she regurgitated her breakfast as soon as she was done chowing it down), she has been holding on to her toast and chicken broth, water, chamomile tea and coconut water. By tomorrow she might be ready for some more substantial food. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Sophia walked the floor twice today, blew bubbles and her pinwheel and showed the nurse what she can do with the incentive breather. You may notice a white bracelet on Sophia's wrist. It was given to her by Taylor who had her surgery six hours before Sophia (also performed by Dr. del Nido) and was discharged today! She made the most remarkable recovery. Taylor is also the cutest 7-year old and so bubbly and happy - it's contagious.

Her mom and I had been in touch since pre-op and she and Taylor came by today to say goodbye with a balloon and some breathing toys for Sophia and these survivor bracelets for our family. Their hearts are as big as North Carolina which is where they are from.

Sophia is scheduled to have a restful night tonight (no meds, no X-ray, no beeping machines) and we are all looking forward to it.

And where are my bubbles? I need them bad...



  1. Ahhh...sleep for all. You guys need it! So happy to read about Sophia turning the corner. Yes, she can!! All my love, Janine

  2. Oh Astrid - and yes, YOU can too! Hugs to you especially. The small steps are hard, but I'm sure giant leaps will happen now! XO to Sophia.

  3. Tell Sophia I have had trouble breathing and it is no fun at all, but glad she is walking, that means her body has enough oxygen to share with her legs. A big deal, the body keeps all the oxygen for your brain and body organs until it has enough to share. We miss that girl, Zoey graduates from 5th grade today, she agreed to wear a dress but would not compromise oin the basketball shoes. It defines who she is. Much, Much Love Kea and Family

  4. Sounds like the last day has had some rough patches but Sophia the Wondergirl and her Wonder Mama and Poppy have made it through! I know she'll progress from walking the hospital halls to climbing in her backyard tree house soon. All the best to you guys, you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. Based on your statistics, she's got the whole world behind her.

    Jack has his last day of school today so he'll be watching and posting on the blog soon.