Wednesday, June 20, 2012

From Moira with Love

The drainage tubes are out of her chest. Another big milestone. Sophia is still riding high on Morphine. No liquid Valium after all. We were hoping for that IV-splitter. Could use some of that good stuff right about now... :) 

In Seattle we were kicked out of the room when they pulled the tubes. But nurse Moira figured we can handle it. It wasn't really that bad. Mostly mental because the tubes are fairly far in. 

But now they are out and our Reina can get some well deserved rest.

It's 12 Noon on Wednesday. 42 hours post-op. AMAZING.

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  1. Sending you a BIG boquet of heart balloons! I'm so proud of all of you - you are an amazing family. Sophia looks wonderful. Astrid and Paul, you guys are troopers. Managing to track all the doctor speak on no sleep...impressive!