Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Visit from Dr. del Nido

Dr. del Nido just stopped by to check on Sophia. What a sweetheart. Her conduction system is still in heart block. The pacemaker is set to take her atrial signal and to transfer it to the ventricle. If she wants to go higher, it will let her. And if she wants to go lower, it will let her, too. She is calling the shots.

He confirmed that they didn't see anything in the echo that would be cause for concern and the fact that she was able to conduct on her own for almost 24 hours, is a good sign. Time will tell. In the meantime, we will remain in the ICU. 

But he also told us that it's time to take the drainage tubes out. YEA! She will feel so much better without them. And then they will have her sit up and move around a little bit. Perhaps have some food? We shall see. Baby steps.

Hasta luego,


  1. Good Morning, I guess good afternoon Miss Sunshine. We are anxiously awaiting pictures of you with well, fewer tubes, hurrah. My sister in Minnesota and all her friends and my mom in MOntana (made you the Moose Sweater) are all following every step of your journey back to the Sunny (today) Pacific Northwest, with lots of prayers and good light.
    I am off to read the paper in the sunshine happy in the knowledge that today you will be walking and I imagine even smiling a tiny bit.
    Much, Much Love MamaKea
    PS We can't wait to see you!!!

  2. Wow! What an exciting 24 hours it has been! Delighted to hear she had a good echo and that some tubes are coming out! Wonderful news that Sophia is calling the shots with that external pacemaker. The former Physio-Control employee (oops I mean former Team Member) in me is wondering about the brand of external pacemaker she has. Is is it a Physio?

    Nurse Keri and the doctors at the hospital sound like the most amazing people, angels right there in Boston. You are so fortunate.

    Get some rest and stay strong. We love you.