Monday, June 18, 2012


We just met with Dr. Del Nido. The surgery was very successful. The goretex "patch" was enlarged and re-attached at a slightly different location, and the scar tissue beneath the aortic valve was removed. The goretex that was put in at her last surgery (at 4 years old) to prevent the heart from sticking to the sternum had wrapped around her aorta above the valve, causing it to restrict and keeping it from growing. The surgeon corrected that by widening the aorta. Finally, a small hole in the atrial septum was sutured. Med-speak for her heart is fixed, hopefully for a long, long time. We told Sophia that after the surgery she'll feel better, more energized, and be able to participate in more strenous activities. This looks like it will be the case. She's already expecting that, and is very excited about the prospects.

Sophia will be in ICU for at least another 36 hours, then moved to recovery for a few more days; then we'll see some more of Boston before returning.Thanks to everyone for their support, prayers and positive thoughts.

Astrid has a huge crush on Dr. Del Nido. I can see why - he's very cute.



  1. I'm so happy to read this post. Dr. Del Nido is HOT!

  2. Hurray...! Good news is GREAT! Never a doubt.
    A wonderful update.
    The Don

  3. Wonderful news! Yeah for Dr. Del Nido!

  4. Wonderful news! we have been praying for Sophia all day. I love the pictures of you guys with the doctor...such happy parents. Now you need to relax and get some well deserved sleep. I will keep praying for a speedy recovery. Thanks for keeping us all updated.

  5. Thank goodness! And thanks for keeping us updated.

  6. Fantastic news! Sending love and healing vibes to Boston<3 <3 <3

  7. Hooray!!! Miss Violet and I send our love. I texted you photos. This should get you out on the playground more, Soph! :)

  8. We are so happy for you three. Slobovia's confidence rubbed off on us, but we were still on pins and needles all this morning! What a wonderful day! Lily and Bob

  9. this is the THIRD time kikiB and I have tried to send a comment...we are very 'challenged'. we were ALL so happy to hear about such a successful surgery and weird as medical science is to is also so miraculous!!!

    Kea's mom prayed/called and Kea's sister prayed/called too...and the little Jehovah's witness lady put her prayers in as well so with all this prayin' going on we were SURE that Sophia would wake up sprinting down the halls!!!

    Wonderful news! we have been praying for Sophia every day. Now to get you all home and living life to its fullest again.

    we LOVE you guys.
    the S-I clan