Friday, June 15, 2012

End of Antecubital Fossa-ness

We made it through pre-op!

After 8 hours of checking, measuring, poking, prodding, listening, being talked at, to and with, we are back at the house.

As I mentioned before, the people at Children's Hospital Boston (CHB) are spectacular, just like the folks at Children's in Seattle. The biggest difference to Seattle is that CHB seems to have a rather international crew and crowd.

The anesthesiology fellow came from Italy, the cardiac surgery fellow from Singapore, Dr. del Nido is from Chile and our dear cardiologist in Seattle who used to be a fellow at CHB is of Filipino descent.

This past week they had a heart patient from Malaysia and one from Singapore, and three weeks ago a child from China. But the cardiologist Dr. Marx settled on Sophia in answer to my question of which patient came from the most exotic location. He was rather smitten with her.

One of his comments was that he knew her heart really well because her mother had sent all this information his way. But apparently I had failed to mention what an exceptional young lady she is. :) 

Dr. Marx is really funny. He is originally from NYC and he can't really hide it but he can fake a Boston accent, too, if prodded. Didn't we just talk about this? I guess the prodding was mutual. Anyway, the first thing he said to me when walking through the door (and I am paraphrasing) "I feel like I know you because you sent me emails every day."

He also distinctly remembered that I "made" the third party provider agree with us on paying for this procedure being performed in Boston.

Wow, I am positively Type A and I did send him a total of 13 emails (the last of which in March) but that he would remember the specifics? This guy is amazing!

Dr. del Nido is a sweetheart. He has such a calm and confident demeanor, one is immediately at ease. He suggested that we check out Harvard square so that Sophia can rub the foot of John Harvard. This would assure that she will be an A student for the rest of her educational life. 

Sophia is going to give it a try. It can't hurt; even though she has no inclination of becoming a pediatric heart surgeon. It requires 10-12 years of training AFTER finishing medical school. One is in his or her mid-thirties before becoming an attending surgeon. Who knows how many more years before being in charge. That's why these guys deserve everything they could ever ask for as far as I am concerned. Prada shoes? Make it boots!

At the end of the day she was asked by a lady named Shakira whether she wanted to participate in a medical study that would have involved severe nook pain for 7 days. She graciously declined. The antecubital fossa is a sensitive area. Apparently.

Time for some R&R. Tomorrow is another big day. There are feet to rub, ducks to ride, trails to walk. And Pablito is coming! Yeah!

Fino a domani,
A. e Sofia - nostra dea greca

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