Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Air Gun Fun

The end is near! That didn't come out right. But we can see the rear. End. ICU psychosis usually strikes in the evening. What can I say?

The Electrophysiology fellow who did Sophia's EP test today couldn't believe his luck to experience the interaction between a pre-teen and her QA first hand. His girl is two years old and he is now looking forward to that time in her life. We are glad we could make his day. :)

He even told us stories about his own QA and how she told him that nothing was wrong while his broken toe was sticking out sideways. Obviously, all QAs are EVIL.

Sophia did really well in her test and only skipped a couple of beats at a heart rate of 170. I guess that means that her hopes for the Olympics in 2016 are creamed once and for all but she wasn't really planning on attending anyway.

What else? Dr. Marx stopped by and told my husband that I have been inundating him with emails for a whole year (the story gets better with every iteration). I must have made a lasting impression.

He informed us that Dr. del Nido and Dr. Alexander have come to the mutual decision to forgo the back-up pacemaker for Sophia. YEA! They took Sophia's spunk, my annoyance and Pablito's smarts into the equation and ruled NO.

We will have Boston-trained follow-up care in Seattle to keep an eye on her sinus rhythm. Apparently it has been normal ever since it came back. Most likely the only normal thing about our child.

Here she is after receiving the best care package ever from her favorite teacher Jeri-Su. These two are made from the same mold. :)

I've got my own Nerf gun now! Watch out!
Sophia had a busy day today. In between X-ray, 12-lead EKG, having her weight checked and all of her vital signs, we sneaked out to the Prouty Garden. It had been 10 days since our daughter had seen the sky.

She enjoyed the sun-warmed slides on the playground, watched the birds eat ants and bread crumbs and grabbed some sorbet at the Ice Cream Social event sponsored by Blue Bunny. They donated $5,000 worth of ice cream to the hospital. That's a lot of frozen milk.

Tomorrow Sophia will get another echo done and after that we should be free to leave the hospital. We have been told no later than Friday. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

The step-down unit is actually less restful than the ICU which might explain some of the blogger's mental issues. We are all looking forward to some good quality sleep sometime soon.

Okay, we are off to have dinner with Stan and Alida who have been the most wonderful remote hosts. Pablito will go home with them tonight.

Hasta mañana,


  1. So, does that mean, Slobovia, you will not be setting off the metal detectors at the airport on the way home? Bummer! That could have been a trip. TSA heavies rushing in from all sides to thwart the evil schemes of the crafy pre-teen. Oh well, I suppose your young life has enough excitement as it is! Love, Bob and Lily

  2. Sophia- if those caregivers tell you anything you don't like, or if they wake you at all hours of the night, just point, aim and fire. Nerf!!!

    1. That's what we should have done. Point, aim and fire!

  3. Such great news! Way to tough it out Sophia!
    The Seattle weather is improving and sunny summer should be here by the time you all return.