Monday, June 18, 2012


I'm back at the house. Astrid is sleeping in the ICU tonight, on the day bed. I hope she can get some sleep. While we were there, Sophia's blood pressure kept swinging back and forth, from <60 to >140. When it shot up, it was a little freaky to see her open her eyes and try to raise up. Nurse Keri gave her morphine to lower it, then when it dropped too low she gave her saline (and dex?) to raise it. Nothing unusual, apparently, but Sophia is a little more sensitive to the drugs than usual, says Keri.

Here are some picts:


  1. Good morning. Hope you all got some sleep.

  2. I miss our pumpkin, is her color better? I remember it was after the first surgery. I am so sorry her body is having such a hard time with the drugs, hopefully by now the hospital staff and her body have figured it out a bit. We can't wait for Camp Sophia!

  3. Sophia looks to be resting very comfortably...hope her parents can get some rest too after the big big day. Dr del Nido is a miracle worker, he we obviously worth the trip to Boston.

  4. Hugs all around. Especially to Dr. DelNido!