Monday, June 25, 2012


Hallelujah, halleluiah, halleluyah, alleluia, הללו יה, halleluya, halləlûyāh

Have I said it often enough? I feel like putting on Haendel's Messiah which we usually only do on Christmas. But we have something to celebrate.

SOPHIA'S CONDUCTION SYSTEM CAME BACK! I don't know what you ya' all did out there, but it worked!!!

Just when the parents started accepting the fact that our princess would need a pacemaker... 

You may have read that she had a little hick-up last night and it startled her enough that her pulse went up to over 120. At this point her AV node seemed to have been jump-started. At least that's what I would like to think happened.

Dr. Alexander came early this morning and walked in with a thumbs-up. After he did some testing, he high-fived me and was ready to walk out. I wanted to know if it was that easy to satisfy him. So he took some time to explain why he wasn't worried about our little birdie.

He also went into detail about different follow-up scenarios, one of which would have been to implant a pacemaker just for back-up purposes. But he said that Dr. del Nido would vote NO on this one and Dr. Alexander seemed to be okay with that.

I just want to run around and kiss and hug everyone. But I will try not to be weird and embarrass my daughter. Instead I will sit here and radiate.



  1. You can keep saying it: "Hallelujah, halleluiah, halleluyah!"

  2. Wow, I love you Miss Wonderful Astrid, until our children have their own children I think they will never know our joy for them is greater, even then it can ever be for ourselves. I radiate with you. Love MamaKea and Family

  3. Virtual hugs to you and big congrats to Sophia's body kick-starting itself. Wow, so relieved!!!! So amazing!!!! She's a rock star, that girl of yours. :-) Smiles all around here!!!!

  4. Smiles here too! Such great news! Xoxox

  5. Yahoo for the heart! Rock on Sophia, I knew you could do it :)

  6. Steph forwarded me your blog and have read through it in its entirety. What a strong beautiful young lady you have and a serious hallelujah for enduring a painful process but coming through it so amazingly. I'll continue to send positive thoughts and prayers your way! xoxo

  7. Sophia, This is great news and I do not think I have had so many days of chicken flesh tears and complete affection for you my dancing partner. the road is clear now and can not wait to see you when Penny and i come up to Seattle. Please pass on my love and support to QA and Papa PEEETRUUUCHI. (To be said as if a drunk Italian was telling someone his name.) OK little bird, It is time to fly and we all can not wait. Lots of kisses, Bill and Penny

  8. Yessssssssss!!!!!! That is great news. We are so happy for you, Sophia. Grayce and Jessie can't wait to see you again. Leo is feeding Pumpkin and Gigi (they think he's God now). Lots of hugs and love coming from our house to you, Paul, and Astrid.

  9. Slobovia et la familia Petrucciani, Maybe the "Slo" in Slobovia is not accidental. Just when we have decided, "OK, Sophia will have a pacemaker, that's fine. What kind of cool apps do they have for pacemakers? Heartthrobs or what?" you, having taken your own sweet time, jump start the electrics and fool us all. So what do you do for an encore? Invent world peace? Or was that "whirled peas?" Even if you do not any more tricks up your pajama sleeve, we are quite fine with what you have already managed to accomplish. We love you. Come home soon. Oh, and when you do could you bring some Boston beans? Bob and Lily