Friday, June 22, 2012

Giant Iron

While Sophia is watching the Iron Giant, I am trying to recap the last 18 hours or so for our friends and family.

Before turning in for the night, Sophia had to walk one more time (yes, that's a total of three walks in one day) and go to the bathroom. Won't bore you with the details of that one. :)

Our Princess complete with beauty mask and Pink Bobble Blanket
Lights were out around 9 PM and the adults actually left the room AND THE HOSPITAL. It was the second time for mom to step into the streets of the city since Sophia's surgery. It was still warm and humid in Boston. Time for the thunderstorm that's been in the forecast...

When I returned to the ICU shortly before Midnight, Sophia was still sound asleep and didn't wake until 2 AM while trying to roll over. 

I helped her get comfortable and she got another 3.5 hours in. It's still a far cry from her usual 12-hour snooze requirement but hospitals aren't known for being very restful places.

The big event of the day was drawing blood to check her hematocrit. She came into the hospital with a "crit" level of 33 and was down to 24 yesterday. 

That's when they started to threaten us with a transfusion. But walking around to get her metabolism kick-started, starting to eat solids and getting hydrated properly as well as some well deserved rest resulted in a miraculous 28 today! Success! And the best part is that there was no nook pain involved.

However, her lungs haven't gotten better yet. They also haven't gotten worse which is good. But we need to continue to work on these breathing exercises. 

She's got the pinwheel down and the bubble blowing but that's not enough to get the phlegm out of her lungs. We also have an anesthesia mask that the nurses use to tap the patient's back in hopes of loosening up what's in there (courtesy of Taylor's mom). And walking around helps, too.

But we are trying to get Sophia to move all three of the balls in her Triflo II device. So far she can get one ball up and the second ball halfway up.

I wonder if Jack can do it...

He probably has strong lungs from playing the trumpet...


  1. Keep working on your lungs cutie we are counting on you, even though I know it is no fun. We are so proud of you and your parents. (Mom being almost a heart specialist). With lots of hugs and kisses.

  2. This is actually Jack posting using my Mom's account.
    I think I could make those balls float, I have been playing my trumpet daily and have a performance with my combo (The Rivals) tomorrow. Practice makes perfect so keep blowing those balls! ;)

    I need help making a new video for my youtube account because the fail video that we made only has 10 views. I've posted a couple more videos lately. If you want too see them go to BylundJack at Keep working on your lungs, and hope you get better soon.

    1. Jack, good luck with your gig tomorrow. We still want to hear you perform live one of these days. Hopefully soon. Perhaps you can publish an event calendar for your fan club (that would be us) to stay informed.

      All the best from Boston,

    2. Jack, Sophia wants you to know that she is bringing home the Triflo II for you to try. :)