Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pictures of a brave soldier

Sophia had some more lines removed (including the aterial one) and the room looks a lot less busy thanks to Moira's housecleaning. :)

And here she is - sitting up on the side of the bed. What an accomplishment! Only 40 hours after being wheeled into the ICU. She even managed to produce a tiny smile.

Mission Accomplished!! The reward is a purple Popsicle.

Sleeping Beauty


  1. Tired girl. I'm sure she's happy to have some of those "tentacles" out.

  2. Posting on behalf of Paul Conlan y familia:

    Seeing Sophia like this reminds me of when you help a little, injured cup your hands around it to protect it and make it feel safe.
    Sophia is so fortunate to have so many loving hands all united in "cupping" her as she regains the sense of her wings.

    Namaste to everyone maintaining our common circle for Sophia.

    Paul, Rosamaria y las ninas