Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Good Morning from Boston

Sophia had a relatively uneventful night. She experienced emesis (the reflex act of ejecting the contents of the stomach through the mouth, except that there wasn't anything but bile in her stomach) two more times early in the night and had a hard time getting comfortable. But Nurse Keri was able to give her ice chips twice later and she kept them in. Yea!

Her BP is still fluctuating a little bit but it's not staying high which is good. Being on the pacemaker helps regulate that.

Today she will have to make it out of bed to get her circulation going. And that should hopefully also help with draining her chest cavity. She is going to have those tubes in for at least another day. There is still a lot of fluid draining from her insides.

Overall, she is doing remarkable well. One has to keep in mind that she had a major "makeover" done and that her pump has never produced that much output in her entire life.

She made a comment yesterday that her heart is closer to her chest which she said felt weird. But that feeling might be explained by the absence of the goretex layer that now doesn't "cushion" the heart sack anymore. It's hard for us to know what she experiences.

Here is a child who has ALWAYS felt every beat of her heart throughout her entire life. And a normal heart beats about 60-100 times per minute. She finds it extremely strange that her mother can only feel her own pulse rate when doing concentration meditation or working out. I wonder when I lost my awareness and whether she will continue to be in touch with her inner self not having an obstruction any longer.

That's all for now. Mom, reporting from floor 8 South, Cardiac ICU, room 10. :)

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