Wednesday, June 13, 2012

East Coast Bound

It is time to go to Boston.

The big adventure begins tomorrow morning. We are going to take the sound transit central link light rail (that's a mouth full) from downtown to the airport. This is going to be an experience. :)

Then it's jetBlue all the way to Boston. We have never used them before but a friend of ours just started flying with them. Perhaps we will get to see her. 

Once in Boston, we will be picked up by Bob's college friend Stan and his wife Alida. We are so fortunate. Stan is already writing up a shopping list to stock our fridge at the Yawkee Family Inn. What a sweetheart. 

Check out our temporary digs. Ain't they nice?

Friday morning we have to rise early to make it to the hospital in time for the 7:30 AM appointment. That's 4:30 AM PDT. Nur die Harten kommen in den Garten...

We will be there pretty much all day for pre-op. In the afternoon we have a meeting scheduled with the surgeon, Dr. del Nido and we are looking forward to that.

On Saturday and Sunday we want to check out a city that is almost 400 years old! Sophia's history lessons will come in handy.

Slo and I have never been to Boston. And we really only know one Bostonian (our former neighbor Ronnie from Calle Amelia) who is serving time in jail right now in Granada, Nicaragua. But I digress. 

Pablito will get to join us on Saturday after he finishes up work in Seattle. We will most likely post an update before then.

A. and Sophia


  1. Thanks for posting your exploits! Be sure to take more photos of Sophia on her iPad in various Boston locations.

  2. We missed you today, Sophia. Jaybry offered up a special intention for you during morning prayers. You and mom will have to download The Outsiders while you are recovering since you missed it today. Hugs to all of you!!! - Mrs. Prewitt & Miss Violet

  3. We'll be thinking about you today during all your appointments. Fiona can't wait to visit you upon your return - hugs to our favorite Perkins almuni friend! XO Alysha and Family