Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Small Glitch

Sophia just experienced heart block about an hour ago. This means that the electrical impulse from the atrium does not reach the ventricle. The lower part of the heart tries to take over and paces at 20-30 when a normal pace would be in the 70's or 80's. She had dropped to 60 and the nurse started a 12-lead EKG when she plummeted into the 20's. She was also in noticeable discomfort.

She is currently being paced by an external pacemaker. She had first degree AV block or PR prolongation (which is the precursor to heart block) when she first came out of the OR but was doing fine all throughout the night. The hypothesis at this point is that it's temporary and that she will get over this since she has a strong heart.

Keep those prayers coming! She can use them, so that she won't need a pacemaker. Meanwhile, mom is on the lookout for some good drugs for the adults.


I am not sure what any of this means, but I'm sure Astrid will explain it to me later!! Short story is that despite the drama, all continues to go well, and the prognosis is good.



  1. Sending strong good vibes and prayers your way!

  2. My prayers and thoughts continue to hold you. She's I'm great care - doctors, nurses, and parents! Stay strong.

  3. Little sweetie, let that heart work for you, Grandma JEan is praying for you as she is very good at that, I am just seeing healing light all around your sweet heart and your mamma and daddy's too.
    Much Love MamaKea and All the family and the Extended Family and the cats and dogs and I am not completely sure about the hamsters as they are so busy running around that wheel I am not sure they have anytime to think, but I will ask them the next time I feed then dried papaya. Love, love, love

  4. ditto from me ... it is great that Fia has such a strong heart so that all this other crazy stuff is 'held at bay.'

    but who the heck is Rutchie :~)

  5. We are keeping all of you in our prayers. Keep on fighting Sophia. Paul and Astrid keep up the good work and get rest when you can. Sending good vibes your way.