Sunday, June 24, 2012

Random Update So That You Nervous Peeps Don't Freak

First off, yes, Mrs. Prewitt + Violet, I know you like peeps, but that wasn't what i was talking about. Second, sorry that I don't know how to make the title like the other ones, so you'll all have to suffer until my parents get back from going to watch Moonrise Kingdom at the movie theater, without me. :(
It's Sophia again and i don't really feel like blogging, but I kinda have to. So I'm going to be short and sweet so that you don't all freak. (Hey that rhymed!) So....

What did I do today? Darn, it's kinda hard to think right now when I'm listening to a Harry Potter audio book. But I have to write... so anyway.

This morning I woke up at about seven-ish and went to my chair (AKA the Catilak). I sit pretty much all day in my chair, except when i go for walks or have any other reason to get up. Probably not good for me, but whatever. I was visited by Dr. Marx, my cardiologist here, Mark Alexander (who the QA always calls Mark Anthony, which is funny rather than annoying) who is the pacemaker-specialist-person, and an ICU doctor who I don't know. They all listened to my heart and lungs and talked to me and asked if I had any questions. At least they didn't all ask me my date of birth as everyone did for the first few days. *annoying*

I listened to Harry Potter today, read on my kindle, listened to Fred and George Weasly produce their Fainting Fancies, did origami, told Hermione to stop knitting house elf hats, drew, repeatedly got mad at Umbridge, ate, had to stop listening to Harry many times, and just sat in my chair trying to breath correctly. Mother! (>.<)
Anyway, not really much happened or if it did I can't remember. Doing pretty much the same thing everyday kinda does that to you. Tomorrow my mom will probably blog about something she thought was hilarious or important that I didn't mention, so you can wait for her account. Oh ya, and I walked around, too, but you already know that.

Bye then I guess.

*Important notice for people who can read texting shorthand:*
lol srry 4 my abrupt ending but i kinda dont wanna rite this in the 1st place. maybe ill update u later on somethin else. and srry 4 any shorthand i mite hav missed. ;)


  1. Peeps! My mom just gave Violet a giant stuffed peep bunny. Cute. Sophia, since your day is becoming routine now, maybe I can generate an essay topic for you. Nothing like a good essay to breakup the boredom! :)

    Hey- I'm thrilled that you are lucid enough to be bored now. Enjoy your Cadillac!

    Have you heard from any classmates?

    1. Sophia shouts NOOOOOOOO! to the prospect of essay writing. Sorry about that. :)