Wednesday, June 20, 2012

48 Hours Post-Op

When we came back from our yummy lunch and much needed break at "Zaftig's Delicatessen" in Brookline (courtesy of Stan), we found Sophia in a new bed. She had meanwhile been moved from her ICU air mattress into a cardiac chair (AKA The Cadillac among the ICU personnel) and then into a bed that can be rolled to the step-down unit on the regular floor once she is ready.
The Cadillac
Heart Balloons
 A short while later we received a phone call that there was a delivery at the front desk. Mom went out and brought back a bouquet of white, pink and red heart balloons (courtesy of Rob and Chelsey) that almost didn't fit through the door. What a pleasant surprise! Sophia's eyes got really big when I walked in but I didn't have the camera ready to capture the Kodak moment.

She was still not feeling too good since the pain medication made her nauseous. But without it she was in a lot of discomfort.

I think that's called a catch 22 which is (as it turns out) a satirical and historical novel by the American author Joseph Heller. Who knew?


My mission is to get her mind off of her current situation since it only intensifies the pain, the nausea and the frustration. That might sound like Cruella de Vil but it actually helps.

Sophia agreed to play a game on her new pink toy (courtesy of my crazy girlfriends - and I say this with the greatest affection) and later took another nap. Success!

You may have noticed the heart pillow in these pictures. Even though it looks stylish, it is there for a medical reason. Every time Sophia needs to cough, she can (with the help of an adult) push down on it to make it easier to clear her lungs. It takes a bit of oomph to bear down on that red plushness but we were assured by the nurse that we can't hurt Sophia's chest.

Nurse Moira also brought a nifty little device called Incentive Breather that Sophia can blow into and it requires 1200 cc of air per second to move all three balls. She can already move the first one!

Dinner consisted of liquid Oxicodone, half a cup of white sticky rice and a couple of grapes. Her first solid food since Sunday night! And it stayed in. Yet another milestone for our little trooper. We are so proud of her. 

Up next, walking down the hall. :)
What a journey it has been already and we continue to be overwhelmed by the support in each and every form that all of you and your extended circle of friends and families keep on bestowing on us. It is simply incredible. Words cannot express our gratitude.


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  1. Hi Sophia, Well done, young lady! We like your red balloon. Tomorrow maybe we will see you up and taking a little walk? Love, Lily and Bob