Saturday, June 16, 2012

Boston Proper

What an incredible day we've had! Stan and Alida are the hostesses of the mostest.

After our breakfast at the Yawkee Family Inn, we were picked up by the Boxborough Shuttle Service complete with tour guides. Simply amazing.

If Sophia hadn't taken pictures at every stop, I couldn't tell you just how much we saw. And not only that, on the two occasions when we went inside a building, a tour (or short lecture) was about to start. Perfect timing! I wonder if our guides had anything to do with it. :)

Boston is really cool. The city itself is charming with tons of history. It's a mix of New York City, San Francisco and Seattle of sorts. It has many diverse neighborhoods with really cool buildings, a functioning subway system, excellent entertainment options, renowned universities, cool shopping areas, fabulous restaurants and bakeries, great coffee houses, lots of green spaces including an arboretum, a maritime climate and amphibian bus tours. 

Here is a list of our favorites so far:

Coolest: The Mapparium (located at the Mary Baker Eddy Library) - a three-story glass globe with a bridge inside

Cutest: Family of geese stopping traffic to cross the street (the grass is greener on the other side)

Most amazing: Trinity Church

Most delicious: Lunch at La Summa on Fleet Street

Most random: Bricks in a tree

Most surprising: Long lines outside Mike's Pastry and Modern Pastry

Most unusual: A woman playing a mechanical glass harmonica (originally designed by Benjamin Franklin in 1761)

Most Violent: Father Swan attacking a duck in the Boston Public Garden

Oldest: Old North Church (AKA Christ Church) where two lanterns were hung as part of Paul Revere's contingency plan

Weirdest: Deluxe Box Pews complete with wallpaper, carpet, cushioned benches and metal foot warmers in the Old North Church

Regular Box                                                     Deluxe Box

If we have the energy tomorrow, we want to see the USS Constitution, Harvard Square and Faneuil Hall Marketplace. It all depends. Sophia needs to be rested for her big day on Monday.

Her procedure is scheduled for 1 PM EDT for those of you who wanted to know. We will have a leisurely morning and then head to the hospital at 11 AM. The surgery will last 5-6 hours.

Until tomorrow,
A. and familia

Yes, Pablito arrived safely on the T. That's Boston talk. :)


  1. Hey you guys!

    I wish you all the strength you need right now! Sophia is an amazing girl with a lot of power. We are all with you with our hearts.

    Greeting from Berlin to Boston!

    PS: Es ist schwer, gerade die richtigen Worte zu finden; und dann noch in einer anderen Sprache! Ich wünsche euch alles erdenklich Gute und hoffe bald positive Nachrichten von euch zu bekommen.

    Katharina and Family

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